About Bakers Concepts Healthcare Network (GP), DBA., BCHCNI

“We Build Spiritual and Financial Dreams Through Non-Denominal Christian Health and Wellness Education and The Sale of Consumable and Non-Consumable Non-Denominational Christian-based Health and Wellness Products and Services.”

**Bakers Concepts Healthcare Network is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Organization of Bakers COncepts and Affiliated Companies LLC. DBA, BC&ACI **

Bakers Concepts Healthcare Network (GP), BCHCNI** markets niche consumable and non-consumable world-renowned whole food Non-Denominational Christian -based health and wellness products and services on behalf of multiple affiliate marketing companies, direct sales companies, door-to-door companies, dropshipping companies, e-commerce companies, network marketing companies, party planning companies, and wholesale and retail companies worldwide. We teach others to do the same and help create Spiritual and Financial Dreams.

As a Non-Denominational Christian-based company, our focus extends beyond our multi-stream direct sales e-commerce business models. We at BCHCNI believe that our leadership and expertise are shared within the communities we serve. BC&ACI Marketplace provides a full training and development course for inspiring entrepreneurs dedicated to starting their own online Christian-based home business.  At BCHCNI, it is our mission based on our own success to support other inspiring entrepreneurs continually.  In doing what we do at BCHCNI, we aim to create both “Spiritual and Financial Dreams.”

BCHCNI are expert entrepreneurs who are provided the skills and resources necessary to own and operate a Non-Denominational Christian-based online Non-Denominational Christian-based health and wellness business through the “BC&ACI Alternative Employment Program,” facilitated by Bakers Concepts Recruiting (GP) DBA., BCRNI** which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Organization of Bakers Concepts and Affiliated Companies. This program teaches you how to step by step start a Christian-based “BC&ACI Virtual Franchises.” Through time-proven business training, Christian education, and God’s powerful hand in your personal walk, BCHCNI aims to build and create Spiritual and Financial Dreams. 

BCHCNI encourages you to visit our wholly-owned companies, our wholly-owned subsidiaries, our wholly-owned virtual subsidiaries, our wholly-owned divisions, and our wholly-owned world-renowned Co-Op- Non-Denominal Christian Ministry and explore our products and services as they are meant to enrich your life. Here you will be able to visit all of our wholly-owned companies, wholly-owned subsidiaries, wholly-owned virtual subsidiaries, and our world-renowned Non-DenominationaChristianAlso, visit our wholly-owned companies and our “BC&ACI Alternative Employment opportunities.” We look forward to servicing your needs… 

We are a state-of-the-art Non-Denominational Christian direct sales multi-stream e-commerce company changing the lives of many through our products and services and our approach “BC&ACI Alternative Employment.” Let us help you create and change your life. Spiritually and Financially”…

Welcome To Bakers Concepts Healthcare Network

God Bless and Make it a Great Day!! 

Founding Business Corporate Executives of BC&ACI

Sr. Pastor Daniel Baker

Senior Non-Denominational Christian Pastor/Evangelist, Non-Denominational Christian Motivational Speaker, Non-Denominational Christian Advocate, Non-Denominational Christian Life Coach, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President and Co-Chief Financial Officer of The Organization of Bakers Concepts and Affiliated Companies DBA., BC&ACI

Marcy Rios

Co-Founder, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Executive Administrator of The Organization of Bakers Concepts and Affiliated Companies DBA., BC&ACI

Your Masters at Creating Spiritual and Finanical Dreams

BC&ACI Corporate Business Executives

Pastor Edward Forse

Associate Pastor and Chief of Operations on Behalf of The Organization of Bakers Concepts & Affiliated Companies DBA., BC&ACI

Holly Sallop

Executive Director of Marketing on Behalf of The Organization of Bakers Concepts and Affiliated Companies

**Organizational Executive Management Disclosure**:

​The Organization of Bakers Concepts and Affiliated Companies DBA., BC&ACI are collectively administered by a group of Contractual Independent Contractors otherwise known as Corporate Business Executives who believe and live The BC&ACI Vision, BC&ACI Mission, and The BC&ACI Core Beliefs. In addition, these individuals live by Christian Principals, Success Principals, Foundational Principals, and Financial Principals. All these principles on which BC&ACI is founded.

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